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Siyasi Partiler Ledra Palace’ta görüştü

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slovak2Bazı Kıbrıs Türk ve Rum siyasi partiler rutin toplantıları çerçevesinde bugün Ledra Palace’ta yeniden bir araya geldi.

Kıbrıs’taki Slovakya Büyükelçiliği’nin organize ettiği toplantılar çerçevesinde bir araya gelen siyasi partilerin temsilcileri, müzakere süreci konusunda fikir teatisinde bulundu.

Yeni Kıbrıs Partisi’nin ev sahipliğinde gerçekleşen toplantının ardından açıklama yapan Slovakya’nın Kıbrıs Büyükelçisi Oksana Tomova, ortak bildiriyi okudu.



Oksana Tomova, toplantıya katılan siyasi partilerin halkın müzakere sürecine dahil edilmesi konusundaki görüşlerini dile getirdiklerini söyledi.

Tomova, partilerin statükonun devam edemeyeceği yönünde fikir birliği içerisinde olduklarını belirterek, toplantıda Kıbrıs’ta kalıcı bir çözümün Birleşmiş Milletler kararları çerçevesinde iki kesimli, iki toplumlu federal bir temelde bulunması konusunun görüşüldüğünü de kaydetti.

Tomovo, siyasi partilerin bir sonraki görüşmesinin ise 25 Eylül’de Ledra Palace’ta olacağını belirtti.



The Leaders and  the Representatives of Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Political Parties met today for their regular meeting at LEDRA PALACE.

They expressed opinions on the issue “Let the people get involved in the negotiation process” as proposed by the hosting party New Cyprus Party.

The parties agreed that the continuation of present status quo is not in interest of any Cypriots and reiterated their commitment of achieving a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal solution with political equality as defined in the UN resolutions.

The parties agreed that enlightening and participation of citizens in the negotiation process should be discussed more deeply.

The next regular meeting of the Leaders and the Representatives of the Political Parties will be held on the 25th of September, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. at the Ledra Palace.

Nicosia, 19 June, 2013


YKP’nin toplantıda yaptığı sunum

Let the people get involved in the negotiation process


We have a very long lasting problem. Other chronic problems that eventually came to an end were either resolved by using conventional methods or by using non-conventional methods; one such example is the Irish problem that was resolved by non-conventional methods.

Here we want to draw your attention to “the non-conventional” Irish method in the context of citizen participation. Since so far the method of resolution of the Cyprus problem has failed, the New Cyprus Party believes that it is worth considering new methods.

The last crisis of the post referenda era shows us that people in the south are not prepared to accept a solution in the framework of a federal state as envisaged in the 1977 and 1979 resolutions by the community leaders and likewise as approved by UN documents. This result has led us to believe that the leaders have to do much more than they have so far endeavoured, to prepare the people for a solution. Additionally, procuring the participation of citizens in the negotiation process may inspire the leaders with new ideas and creative approaches. We believe that participation educates participants and participants inspire the leaders with new ideas and creative methods.

As we all may remember that negotiation as a package deal i.e. agreeing on all points or not at all, was the persistent proposal of the late Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktas. He was a person that many believed wanted separation and not reunification and he admitted it eventually with the excuse that Greeks will never accept power sharing between the two communities. Therefore after failure of the talks we have to abandon “the package deal approach” and prepare to implement what the parties have so far agreed upon and which we believe is practically possible to implement.

Citizen participation will give new life to the talks. Professionals under the heavy impressions of long experiences are inclined to act conventionally but the citizens may be ready to abandon the usual practices.

Professional participants have rejected to accept a document issued by the Turkish authorities to prove the income of patients eligible for free treatment at the Greek Cypriot hospitals but they were accepting identity cards and driving licenses instead. Citizens were laughing at them. The Turkish leadership insists that Greeks Cypriots are treating Turkish Cypriots as their enemies whereas thousands of Turkish Cypriots show themselves everywhere in south and no significant incidents have occurred so far. Professional Turkish Cypriot participants have chased Greek Cypriots for many years in the north considering them dangerous and citizens were laughing at them.

Anyway professionals failed to resolve the problem and even the opening of gates on the demarcation line is facilitated by foreigners.

Therefore we need to bring citizens in contact with the realities and make them vote yes at referenda. The best way to enlighten them about the possibilities is to call them to participate in the negotiation process and give them the chance to put forward their ideas and their criticisms.

Parties of conflict in Cyprus may finance programs to organize meetings of different sections of the public to discuss possible models of solution, models in consideration by negotiators and the international situation in regard of the Cyprus question. But it is not enough as many aspects of a solution need to be discussed among citizens too; that we believe is the way is to bring issues to their attention.

The use of a non-conventional method to procure the solution of the Northern Ireland problem included other model options and opportunities. We do not believe that the constitution of the Republic should be taken as the basis, the parties should initially agree on the framework of a solution, however if the parties agree to use the Cyprus constitution as the base we are ready to welcome this. Our proposal as indicated above is to use the already agreed issues as the framework.

We believe that the elected representatives of the politically equal two communities should handle the other aspects of the solution and finalize a comprehensive settlement. Since we trust these representatives to administer our country better than the present divided anomaly, why are we weary that we shall lose our national interests.

Let’s be brave and innovative.


New Cyprus Party (YKP)

19 June 2013, Ledra Palace, Nicosia

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